a picture of blankit

About the Artist

My name is Amanda but I’ve been going by the online handle Blankit for the past six years. I just LOVE drawing cute animals, especially baby ones. When I’m not drawing I’m working as a programmer in the medical field. I have a bachelor’s in bioinformatics and minored in electronic art.

My hobbies include games of all shapes and sizes, shopping for new dresses, and crafting. My more 'serious' art career started off with oil painting, then moved to watercolor and digital painting.

Right now I'm taking a break from furry commissions to focus on my other hobbies and work on fun community events. In the past few years I realized I lost my passion for the babyfur community and art in general as it became more of a business for me. I work full time and really didn't need to turn my "fun-time" into a money making activity. I will still take smaller, community based commissions from time to time. Follow my Twitter or Fur-Affinity for alerts to when I open.