LittleFort's mission is to strengthen the babyfur, littlefur, and kidfur communities by fostering friendship and increasing visibility of members of the community. Our goal is to create a central hub that is easy for new littles to find and then, from LittleFort, find each other! I really want this to be a community focused project so if you have any ideas or feedback please drop me a line. c:

Web Directory

It can be very difficult to find babyfur shops and websites right now. I've created a simple directory to find each other. If you'd like to join please see this page on joining or message Blankit.

Discord Server

Discord is a free chat room software with both mobile and desktop support. I have set-up a structured Discord server to act as a generic babyfur/littlefur chat. The server will be “vetted”. Upon joining users will be prompted to give their babyfur handle and age. They will need to be manually accepted before gaining access to other chats. I am most excited about being able to have specific channels for things like art critique, sharing what fun little things you’re up to, writing, art, ect.

That's about it so far! If you have any questions let me know. If you read through most of this text I really appreciate your interest and support. I really want this to be a safe community space that we can all build together. Much love, Blankit.