About Discord

Discord is a free messaging platform that allows a single chat, or server, to be broken out into several smaller chat “channels”. It is easy to use on both desktop and mobile. Our discord server is broken out into many channels similar to an old forum layout. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming community for all in the littlefur community. We focus on the cute, nostalgic feelings that being little can bring.

Please note that this is a verified, 18+ server. You will be asked upon entry to provide your age and an account that links you to the babyfur, kidfur, or littlefur communities.


  1. Do not use discriminatory language. Racism, sexism, untasteful jokes, ect. will not be tolerated.
  2. Play nicely with others and be respectful. The server is open to all "ages" of littles and little adjacent folks.
  3. Diapered photos belong in the diaper channel. Artwork featuring diapers is a-okay in every channel!
  4. Add a spoiler tag to wet/mess art content and let folks know that's why it's tagged.
  5. Tag NSFW links, do not post NSFW content directly to the server. NSFW content including miniors is strictly banned.
  6. Keep conversation in English.

Breaking of these rules will result in consequences ranging from warnings to immediate ban.

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